10 April, 2011

Turkey Egg!

I am holding my first turkey egg of the season!  

Unfortunately I do not think it was my FIRST egg of the year. :(  I think something has been stealing them and this is just the first one we have found out there after we set some traps out last night.  So hopefully I will start getting a lot more eggs now.  Hmmm....now I just wonder which one of my hens laid this one.

WOOHOO!  I got my second turkey egg for the day...so I am up to two eggs now!!


rebuildingtori.com said...

You know, I never had any idea how pretty their eggs were!

Cheryl said...

LOL I need some, when my diet says only one egg for breakfast I'll be all set! (Its not cheating!!!)

Ali Bierman said...

Thanks for sharing.NEat stuff a suburbia girl would not witness.
I am visiting a friend on her ranch. She has the most gorgeous variety of hens and such an array of colored eggs. I never knew!
With Spring here she has eggs out the wazoo! Yummy for me!