26 April, 2011

Easter Party!

 Today I have Regina over with her  7 kiddos and we had a luncheon and Easter egg hunt!  We had a great time!  I fixed egg salad sandwiches with baby carrots and potato chips and lemonade to drink.  I also made a Creamsicle Cake for dessert that I FORGOT in the fridge!  UGH!
 I decorated the tables with a large egg on the plastic grass and decorative carrots.  Then I got decorative Easter glasses for everyone.

 All of the kids out searching for eggs!  We filled nearly 350 eggs!!  My oldest set them all out in the front and backyard.
 It was so muddy out there!  It POURED down rain yesterday!  But the rain held off until like a half an hour after the party was over today, Praise God!  The kids got to play with the goats and run around outside after their egg hunt.
 The kids opening up all of their goodies!

 They got Rocket balloons, punching balloons, rubber balls, bubbles, stickers, candy, decorative erasers, tops, trinkets, slinkies,  and these sticky men that you throw at the wall and then it is supposed to walk its way down.
 DS was certain that he would NOT like egg salad sandwiches until I told him I make them the same way I make deviled eggs ....you just put it on bread!  He LOVES deviled eggs!  I am not sure how many sandwiches he did end up eating.  I am sure it was a lot though!  Sigh....
My oldest DS was tall enough to just reach up and get the sticky men off the ceiling when the younger one threw them up there and then tried jumping off of chairs to reach them!  LOL!
Search & Win

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