11 June, 2009

Cosmo Girl!!

This years theme for VBS is Space! (Last years was pirate.) This is DD's boutique cosmo girl outfit! I used glow-in-the-dark thread and embroidered stars across the bottom ruffle on the skirt and pants. I also put glow-in-the-dark fabric paint around the planets that had rings around them. I still want to go through and put dots of it on the stars. I also have antanea for her to wear so she looks like a martian!! The neon orange really POPS next to the black fabric. The planets really POP too! This fabric made for a fantastic color combo!

My first boy's collared shirt!

I made this shirt for DS for VBS. The theme this week is Space...Blast off! Making a boys collared shirt was a LOT harder than making DD's boutique outfits!! I did not put any buttons on the shirt...mostly because I have never done those before. He wears a white t-shirt under it for VBS.

DD posing!!

DD had her tutu on and her glasses from VBS. She looked so darn cute so I had to take some pictures. Of course she immediately started posing!!

Baby's first swim in the hot tub!!

Baby girl got to get in the spa for the first time. She loved it!!

Another Garden!

Our neighbor gave us some seed potatoes and we did not have enough room in our current garden for all of them so he kindly came and rototilled up another spot in the yard for us! Thanks Mr. Lee!!
That is one powerful rototiller let me tell ya!! It just ate through tree roots like they were nothing!

Water ballons!!

I would like to know why it takes an hour to fill up water balloons but, only 5 minutes to break them all??

9 yo trying to catch a balloon that 11 yo was throwing at him.

This is the coolest sling shot ever!! It takes three people but boy do the balloons go far!!


DD and 7 yo DS helped me pick some strawberries over the weekend. We only had a small handful so I decided to make a strawberry smoothie out of them and the whole family share that! DS is holding up an apple tree that DH took off of another apple tree. Today it looks pretty pathetic so I am not sure if it will take or not.
DD playing the garden!!

Picking strawberries!

This is how many beautiful and tasty strawberries we got!

05 June, 2009

Airing my dirty laundry!!

I was reading Cassie-Ann's blog and she was saying that some blogs are just to happy and I thought maybe mine was one of them. LOL! So, it is time to air some of my dirty laundry...Literally!! This is our current dirty laundry pile!! There is a load in the washer, a load in the dryer, a load out on the line and three loads in the living room that need to be put away! And this is only the 4 boys' laundry!! We wash the baby's laundry, 4 yo DD's, and mine and DH's laundry separately! So, they are not even included in this pile! The boys cleaned their rooms yesterday and put all of the clothes onto the pile! I had no idea we had this much dirty laundry! I swear they have not even wore half of the clothes in the pile! My 13 and 11 yo are always complaining that they have nothing that fits them. I looked and their closets are practically bare. Maybe it is all my 7 yo's clothes! But, don't ask me how that could be. Although, I swear he changes his clothes 20 times a day and is always running around half nekkid! (Don't ask me how he does both of those at the same time either! LOL!) This pile comes up to my shoulders and it about bursting 4 foot deep by 4 foot wide!!

And another note to self....because apparently I am a slow learner...Don't change the baby on the couch!
Baby girl POOPED ON THE COUCH the other day when I was changing her!! Not a little poop either!! She had pooped a little so I was changing her...on the couch. I knew she had a belly ache so I was pushing her legs up toward her belly while I was waiting for DH to get a wet wipe and a new diaper for me. Then she started to poop!! It started running down the cushion toward me leg!! This was not a little bit of poop either! This was one of those go up their back, ruin their outfit, and yours type of poops...of course that is IF she actually had a diaper ON!! DH handed me the wipe so I tried catching some of it and it just covered the wipe! I couldn't stop laughing!! Baby girl felt better after that! Good thing we had 3 extra couch cushions because I decided to save those when we threw out the other half of the couch.

04 June, 2009

Baby girl!!

No such thing as to many pictures of baby girl! I sat baby girl in 4 yo DD's doll baby high chair this morning that my mom got at a flea market for $5. What can I say? She fit so I had to put her in there!! LOL! She is 18 1/2 weeks old now. CUTE!! She is really cooing a lot now! She squeeled once last week and scared herself.