21 September, 2013

Hartford Apple Festival Parade!

A gentlemen made the littles a balloon animal and hats.

 My niece and my kiddos waiting for the parade to begin.
 11 yo DS is hanging off of 14 and 16 yo...poor little guy is a lot shorter than them!  LOL!

11 yo waiting for them to throw some candy!

20 September, 2013

Yankee Lake Truck Night

My 11 yo begged and begged me to take him to Yankee Lake so we went out there tonight.  It was really a lot of fun.  

The boy got to ride the bull!  He loved it!
                                                Me next to one of the trucks.

We rode the party bus.  That was pretty cool!
JohnnyK brought some of their ATV's and this one got flipped!
Uh oh!  That doesn't look good!

It was ATV night and a bunch of the 4 wheelers got stuck in this spot so you would think they would just not go through that spot...but a bunch of 'em did and got stuck so I think some of them spent half the evening just pulling each other out.
                                           Here you can see the damage that was done.

                                                   So they put it back on the trailer.

                                                          Riding the party bus!

My oldest turned 18 years old!

My oldest son turned 18 this month!  He has grown into a fine young man and I am very proud of him!  He is over 6 foot tall now!  

09 September, 2013

Me doing dishes!

I am totally loving my new kitchen!!  I can't believe I waited so long to get it remodeled!

02 September, 2013

Greene Old Home Day Parade!

4 yo DD with a friend from church.  
 I asked them to smile for the camera and this was as good as it was getting!

 14 and 16 yo on the youth group float for the parade.  17 yo DS is at work today.
 Waiting for the parade to begin to catch some candy.

 I let the littles play for a bit back at the school after the parade.