09 April, 2012

Pink and Black Polka Dot "Cow" Outfits!

These are the newest outfits I have made for my daughters to wear for Easter Sunday.  I have had the cow fabric for a couple of years now.  I just got around to using it this passed Saturday.  I made the tops and the pants opposite pink and black the outfits.  The hair bows were custom made to match the outfits.  

Our Newest Additions! Baby Goaties!

Here are some pictures of our newest additions!  Our goats had 5 babies this year!  4 doelings and 1 buckling!  We are going to be keeping the four doelings.  The little buckling has already been sold!
This is Pinkie Pie with her baby Honey Pie, born Friday April 6th.  

Here are Chloe's babies, Frosty and Cutie!
This is Brownie!  Lily's little doeling!  The black buckling above is Lily's also and he has already been sold.
Brownie and her brother born Monday April 2nd.
Chloe and her babies....Frosty and Cutie! Born Thursday April 5th.