28 June, 2008

Did you see the new feature on the right of my blog?

DH and I found out 2 weeks ago. Yes, this was planned....no we did not expect DH to lose his job the day before we found I am pg. I believe that children are a blessing from the Lord and we are very excited to expect another blessing around the end February.
We just told the kiddos. My 6 and 8 yo are VERY excited. DD just took it in stride....she was so cute. I was explaining it to her how the baby was in my belly and she said "just like Randi?" Yep! She totally understood in her own three year old way. I said we are going to have a baby like Ben (a baby at church). Her response: "Then we need to get baby food. He likes applesauce. His favorite color is red so we have to buy him red clothes." My 6 yo asked if we could go to the hospital and bring the baby home tomorrow. I wish it was that easy! I told him nope not until after Christmas, then after DD's birthday, and then we still have another month to wait.
Now we just have to tell our parents!! Now that we have told the kiddos there will be no keeping it a secret now! LOL! My belly started sticking out the a couple of weeks ago....I think from the moment of implant!! Honestly I can't believe no one has came right out and asked me...everyone was probably just thinking I was getting chubbier!
My 8 and 10 yo are asking me 'how' I found out I was pg. They just were not getting the whole I took a pregnency test and that is how I knew...."How come we didn't see you take the test?" Umm....I had to POAS! My 8 yo turned to the 10 yo and told him "DUH!" My 8 yo was the one most persistent in the questioning but Duhhed his brother! LOL!!

25 June, 2008

Wednesday's Pirate outift!

This is the picture of the corset finally all done. I got up at 6:30 this morning to sew the coin garland around the bottom because I was to lazy to do it yesterday. ;) I also made her a new head scarf out of black sequin material and put the coin garland on the bottom of it. I am really pleased with how everything came out....and as you can see her ring was found!! And a special thank you to Betty from my church for coming over to help me get the corset done!

We found some old black sweat pants in the closet and cut them up for the boys. They were so excited!! My 6 yo used the belt and head scarf that DD wore earlier in the week and I made up a belt for my 8 yo this morning literally as we were walking out the door.

24 June, 2008

Monday's Pirate outfit!

VBS is this week at our church and the theme is the Veggie Tales the Pirates who don't do anything. I am in the process now of making a different top for her to wear at the end of the week so check back later this week to see the final outfit!
For this outfit here I made the head scarf and belt and then put coin garland on the ends so it has a nice jingle when she moves. I made the skirt with black fabric and then used black and white tulle for flair. She is wearing the eye patch, necklaces and a huge ruby ring for embellishment.....the ring went missing yesterday at church and is still not found:(. She is holding a treasure map.

18 June, 2008

This picture is so cute! I went out in the evening yesterday to finish getting the stuff for DD's pirate outfit for VBS and when I came home this is what they looked like!! SO CUTE!!! They were watching TV on the living room floor and fell asleep....so DH took a picture of them.

Filling up the spa.

Sunday evening we also filled up the spa so the kiddos can get in it and cool off during the hot days. The water is also warm enough for them to get in on the slightly cooler days too. So, they were playing in it while we were filling it up and that water was COLD!!!

Then we hit some iron water and had to let the water run out in the yard until it cleared up again.

The kids had a blast running threw the water while my 12 yo held the hose!

Update on the chicks.

We moved the chicks out to the big coop on Sunday evening. They are just loving it. Every time we go out there they are futtering around trying to learn how to fly. The white broilers are twice the size of the black ones already.


A couple of pictures of me playing softball. I got to play third base. This game I actually made it all the way around to third base this game! We have another double header this Sunday but, I have DH's family reunion so I will not be able to go. Then I just have one more game but, not until July 13th.

We were short on players so my 12 yo played both games. He did an AWESOME job!! He almost caught a couple of foul balls too. One he had right in his glove and then it popped out.

Quaker and Jack!

This is a picture of our ducks Quaker and Jack! We have had them for several years now.

Drying out the tent!

DH and the boys went to the Father/Son campout through the church. They had an awesome time. Friday night they even had the Fathers say a blessing over the boys. From what I hear it was awesome! A thunderstorm rolled in just as they were doing it and everytime they would talk it would lightning or thunder real loud!

This is the new tent we bought just for the Father/Son campout. DH said it had plenty of room for all of them.

Look mom I am working hard!

13 June, 2008

I just thought I would post this picture of the brown egg we got from our one (and only) chicken. The white one is a store bought grade A large egg. I think this is the biggest egg she has ever layed and it has got to be at least 90 degrees today! You go girl!! I wonder if it is a double yolk??

11 June, 2008

My Peeps are here!!

My peeps finally arrived this morning!! I got 50 broilers, 15 Black Jersey Giant layers, and 2 Black Jersey Giant roosters. They are currently in a box in my living room but, that is just for a couple of days and then they will be going out to the big coop. They really do make a lot of noise!

09 June, 2008

A busy day!

We started out Saturday with cleaning up the yard. DH weed whacked the ditch and 12 yo raked it all up...as you can see 6 yo and 3 yo are a lot of help!!
8 yo went to softball practice with me. He was such a trooper because it was HOT!! He ran and ran around the bases just because he wanted to. Crazy kid! Then when I got home 8 yo, 10 yo, and I cleaned up the house and did the dishes.

Then we got a chicken bucket and went to the park to eat....then we went canoeing....then to the beach....and then we went to the Drive-In and did not get home until 2 am.

My 10 yo took this picture of all of us sitting down eating our chicken. Can you see that my brother is giving me bunny ears? Some people just never grow up I tell ya!!;)

We had such a fun weekend! Thankfully school is done so I was able to sleep in this morning to catch up!


We went canoeing. DH and I had 6 yo and 3 yo DD on our canoeing. Then 8, 10, and 12 yo's had thier own canoe. And then my mom, baby brother;), and nephew had their own canoe. We had a fantastic time. The sun was hidden behind the clouds the whole time we were out on the lake.
Ok....in this first pic do you see where DD is?? In the middle.

Hey look it is ME!!! Thanks mom for taking a pic of ME!! :)

Do you see where DD is in this pic?? Yep in the back with DH!

Can you tell where she is in this pic?? She is in front of me now. She loved laying on the front (the part behind her head) and then putting her hands down in the water.
Did you notice that the hat is missing....yeah it is a lot of fun to throw it in the water and then test everyones expert canoeing skills to fish it out. The John Deer hat is 6 yo favorite so it is not like we could just leave it there and let it sink!

My mom, nephew, and brother. This is the first time my nephew has ever been on a canoe. He stayed right in the middle the whole time and never took his hands off the sides!! Yeah, no such luck of that happening in my canoe with 6 yo and 3 yo. 6 yo has gone canoeing with us before but, this was 3 yo first time....at least her at this lake.

After canoeing we went over to the beach for about 3 hours. This is a picture of 12 yo DS trying to dunk DH...guess who got dunked!!

This is 12 yo DS. He has gotten so big! He and 10 yo have filled out so much!! 12 yo used to be so skinny that the Doctor made a comment about being able to seeing his heart beat thru his chest...you totally could see it!! Shhh....don't tell him but, I think he is finally taller than me!! And he has another good six years of growing!!

Don't let the little belly on 8 yo fool ya!! That boy is solid muscle!! All of my kids are eaters but, my 8 yo has ALWAYS ate more than any of the others...just last night we had burgers on the fire and he ate his double cheeseburger, chips, peaches (dumped his juice all over his lap) and then ate his 10 yo brother's second cheeseburger because he did not want it. I try not to let him eat to much but, I figured he was super active this weekend and he is not a sweets eater.

I love the pic of 6 yo...boy in motion!

Poor Dora!! This is where she spent most of her time at the beach. As the water kept going in and out it was just going back and forth over her. They just moved her every so often to a different spot a couple of feet up and down the shore line but, this is how she spent her first trip to the beach.
Then after the beach we went to Mickey D's and got ice cream cones....2 for $1 before we went to the Drive-In. And 6 yo saw a girl from church, Venus, that helps in his children's church class and he was just on cloud nine that she squeled and carried on when he saw her in the drive thru window. He got unbuckled and DH handed him threw the drive thru window so she could hug on him and such. He talked all the rest of the night about seeing his 'girl friend' there. I probably have not mentioned this before but, my 6 yo is a girl lover!! He has been that way since he was born...no kidding! Even before he could walk he would light up when a girl baby would come around....boy babies he could care less. And the more they squel and carry on when he is kissing on a girl...especially cute teenager girls the more wound up he gets!! Even at care group last Sunday evening all the other boys were playing football with the dads....where was he?? He was surrounded with about 8 little girls and going everywhere they went. He is the boy we are going to watch the closest!! 12 yo likes one girl and has only liked this one girl for a long time...and I really like this girl and think they are very well suited. 10 and 8 yo are still in the Eww girls are no fun stage!!