23 April, 2011

Roger's Flea Market!

My mom, brother, and Alaina went with me to Roger's Flea Market yesterday.  The weather was cold and rainy and wet! So there was not any outside vendors.  But there are several large buildings filled with vendors.    We mostly went for the livestock auction though.  Here are some pictures of the animals that went up for auction: 
 This bunny went for around $18...I think.

 There were cages and cages of chickens...mostly roosters...that went up for auction.
 Here are a couple of the racks of them.  There was over 10 racks just like these ones.
 Here is a Bourbon red hen....or so I thought until the owner said it was a mix breed.  The SAME exact mix of the birds I already had so I did not bid on it.  It went for $20 and the mother hen went for $30.  The mother hen looks exactly like my older hens.
 One of the meat turkeys....I called them "Easter Dinner".
 Here are some of the goats that went up for auction.  The boer (meat) goats went for around $110.  It was heart breaking how some of the goats had been taken care of.  Clearly hooves were not trimmed.  One goat could barely walk its back legs were so weak.  Then there were 3 or 4 momma goats with babies only days or even hours old that were separated and sold off separately.
 Here is one of the momma goats.  The tiniest white goat baby was hers.   They sold separately!  The baby could not have been more than a day old!

 There was 5 Royal Palm hens that went up for sale.
 There was around 10 bull calves that went up for sale.  They sold for between $10-$35.  (A $10 calf was VERY TEMPTING!  LOL!  If I had a big farm I probably would have brought home three or four of them I am sure! ;) )

 The little all white goat was the baby to the momma pictured above.
There was two Nubian bucks that were CUTE that went up for auction.  They went for $40 each.  One was black and one was a DARK DARK chocolate.  The dark chocolate one was very tempting...but I did not come home with any goats...or turkeys...or chickens...
Alaina took some fertile pheasant eggs to sell (so if you are looking for pheasants let me know and I can get you in touch with her).  She got a beautiful Bourbon Red Tom. We were able to talk to the owners of the Bourbon Red Toms and they do not live that far away from us. She also bid (and won) on some pheasant chicks but they all died before we left because they did not have any kind of heat lights set up for them and it was pretty cold yesterday.  
Stay tuned to tomorrows post to see what I DID take home.........sigh.....
Search & Win

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