14 April, 2009

DD's Butterfly Easter Outfit!

Sometimes I think when I make an outfit I can not possibly top it! I swear I like each new outfit more than the last one! The pictures just do not do this outfit justice!! The butterfly fabric is covered in glitter so it really sparkles. I used the metallic thread for the hems of this outfit too. This hat with the 3-D butterfly has to be my absolute favorite!! I could not seem to get DD to sit it on her head so I could get a good picture of it....but it is so cute IRL!!! I made the 3-D butterfly on her hat myself...with the help of DH. I also put one on the front of her dress. I had one of the tip of her sandal but I could not get it to stay in place so I took it off. I decided to go with butterflies for her Easter dress instead of something with Easter eggs or bunnies because I wanted something she could wear more than once. I also made baby girl a matching outfit...hopefully I can get some pictures of it posted soon.

11 April, 2009

Note to self!

Ugh! I have been somewhat stressed today about getting the girls Easter outfits made. I seem to be TOTALLY lacking motivation. I finally started working on them about 20 minutes ago. Then I had to change the baby's diaper. I had her laying on the bed and she started to pee while I had the diaper off of her! You guessed it....on MY side of the bed!!! So now the bed is going to need stripped down.

Note to self: change baby girl on DH's side of the bed from now on!!! LOL!!!

06 April, 2009

Flamingo outfit for DD!

This 4 yo DD's Flamingo outfit for Hawaiian Sunday yesterday!
I added hotfix crystals for the flamingo's eyes...32 in all. I also used metallic thread for the hems on the ruffles of the skirt and pants but it does not show up unless you look real close at it. Under the lights in the sactuary the crystals sure do sparkle!

Custom boutique outfit Tutorial!

This is the pattern I use to make DD's boutique outfits. For the skirt I just use two 42" lengths of the fabric. For the ruffle on the bottom of the skirt I used three 42" lengths of the fabric. The skirt is generally 12-15" and the ruffle is 3 1/2". Then I add a one or two rows of ruffles to the bottom of the pants....both 42" in length. The bottom ruffle layer is 4 1/2" and the top layer is 3 1/2"...unless I do one row of ruffles then it is generally 4".

For baby girl I just use a baby doll pattern for the top because she is so tiny!
I hope that all makes sense!

03 April, 2009

Flamingo outfit!

Sunday is Hawaiian Sunday at my church....so you know that means the girls need a special outfit then!! I bought this flamingo fabric last year and Hawaiian Sunday is giving me a good reason to finally get it used! I got baby girl's outfit done now I just have to get 4 yo DD's outfit done so I better get busy!!

Oh yeah, and baby girl is going to be 10 weeks old tomorrow!! Can you believe that?? Doesn't she look so much bigger now? I think she has outgrown that newborn baby look!