01 April, 2011

New brooder box and chick update!

Check out the beautiful markings on their backs!
 This is my mom's shipping box that is the same size as mine but her's has the finished lid on it.  Mine is supposed to get the lid put on it soon.  I have all of the stuff for it I am just waiting for DH to get it done.
 They were just thrilled to be in the new box and started fluttering like crazy and stretching their wings and going back in forth in the box like it was a runway!
This box is 3'x5' and like 2' deep.  To give you an idea how BIG this shipping box is my 8 yo got inside.  Pfft!  And he did not even need any coaxing!  It was more of a case of keeping him and 6 yo DD out of it!  Sigh....
 Did I mention that the shipping box was FREE!!!  WOOT!  (Thank you Uncle Leonard for taking me to go get it.)  
 You can see how big they are getting in this photo.

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