30 October, 2008

I thought this was so funny!

I just had to share this for halloween!

27 October, 2008

It's a Girl!

It's a GIRL!!

My OB says it's a girl! The baby was in a real good position to see what she was but not in a great position to get a good....side face view....of her. She is around one pound already! All of the kiddos are very excited!! (OK, I am really excited too!) I just want to go out shopping for some cute baby girly fabric!!!! You know that I am going to be hitting JoAnn's day after Thanksgiving sale for sure!! As soon as the littles are off of the other computer I will have DH scan the u/s pic so I can post it!

26 October, 2008

DD's pink tutu!

After I made the tutu's for my photography friend DD insisted that she have a tutu too! So, I got some more tulle when I was out on Friday. This tutu is a lot thicker than the ones I made last week.

Of course 6 yo insisted that he get to try on the tutu before DD did....and then he wanted me to upload the pics to my blog. Then as soon as I was done taking the pics he woke DH up and had to go shake his tutu butt in DH's face!!

Pink Camo Outfit!

This is DD's camo outfit! Of course I had to make a special pink camo outfit for her to wear for camo Sunday today! Can you tell that she is onry??? It is kind of hard to see in the photo but there are three layers to this skirt. Then I knotted up the shoulder straps and knotted the ends of the straps.

I love the look she has in this photo! Can you see that her arm things are seperate? I also made the hair band. I put her hair in a bunch of tiny braids last night and pulled them all out this morning so that her hair would be all crimpy looking....it just seemed to really give me the grunge look that I wanted.

I also got a picture of 6 yo because he was the only one hanging around when I was trying to take DD's picture.

Camo Sunday!

Today was pastor appreciation day at church and my pastor dubbed it Family Day and had all the families dress up in camo....he was ending his sermon series on spiritual warfare today so that is why he had everyone dress up in camo. It was a TON OF FUN!! Everywhere you looked people were dressed in camo.
Seems how all of us matched I had my photography friend (the one I made the tutu's for) take a quick family picture for me. Of course DD did not want to cooperate and look at the camera! 13 yo holding DD after we were done eating. They had a light luncheon after church. Someone made this pumpkin dip for the apples that had spoonfuls of apple butter on top that was super YUMMY!!
Can you see 6 yo running around in the background? (He is the one wearing the white long sleeve shirt under his camo shirt.)

Jean skirt!

I made myself a jean skirt out of two pair of pants. It was really comfy....but a lot harder to make than I thought it would be. The camo shirt really hides how big my belly is getting!

23 October, 2008


A lady at church gave me a serger machine yesterday!!!!!!!!! How cool is that??? I am sure I will get a lot of use out of this machine with all of the outfits that I make for DD!!! Thank you Mary Ann for the blessing!!

Making Applesauce!

Our neighbor let us come and pick all the apples off of their three apple trees. So, we spent Sunday making applesauce and Monday canning it. We ended up with 37 quarts and 27 pints!! That is a lot of applesauce for sure!! So, between the corn we froze up and the chickens we raised...and now applesauce we will not starve anytime real soon!!;) This is 6 yo doing his part to help with making the applesauce! But, my 13 yo was the hardest worker!!

How cute!

This is how DD fell asleep Saturday afternoon. I guess she thought this spot was pretty comfy!

17 October, 2008

Bumble bee tutu!

I just finished the bumble bee tutu! I still want to make a big flowery headpiece to go with this outfit also. But, I think this one came out cute too!!
These tutu's are meant for a little girl under or around 1 year old. I am trading some photography work with a friend of mine for them....hopefully! These are so she can use them in her studio for the baby portraits. So, I am hoping that she likes them!

My first boutique tutu!

This is the first tutu that I have ever made! I think it came out very nice!! The flower part will sit right at the neckline and the ribbon that is holding it on the hanger will tie around the neck. I still need to make a matching headpiece though.

15 October, 2008

Well it finally happened!!

6 yo cut his hair!! Thank God it was not DD's hair!
I had 6 yo go look in the mirror to see what he had done to his hair.....he came back out and crumbled on the kitchen floor crying saying "I didn't know that would happen!" Ummm....what did he think would happen?? Then he was saying he did not want to go to 'school'....school is Grandma's house. But, a couple of hours later and he thought it was cool and didn't care anymore! I did trim his hair up a little more and it was not as noticable.

Hopefully he will not do that again!!

02 October, 2008

DD's Pumpkin Outfit!

This DD's newest outfit I just finished. The under shirt with the big puffy sleeves is made from an old dress exactly like the dress that I cut up to make the napkins....only it was this burnt orange color. I LOVE how the sleeves turned out so puffy...thanks to my friend from church, Betty's help.
The two layers of ruffles came out so full on the bottom of the pants. I don't know why but I am just obsessed with ruffles!! Ruffles can never be to thick or to big or to full! But, they are a pain to put on. I am thinking I could probably get an outfit done in one day if I did not put an obsessive amount of ruffles on it...oh well I am much happier with the finished product when it has a ton of ruffles!

I am now addicted to blogs with little girly hairdo's....so I am sure this one is probably copied from one of them. I put the pumpkin buttons on a bobby pin and put them in her hair.

I put pumpkin and leaf buttons all over the outfit. There are 15 decorative buttons in total on this outfit.

DD loves the poofy sleeves just as much as I do because she actually makes me fluff them back up if they get smooshed down. I put a super think lining in them so they actually stay up pretty good.

DD also has a crocheted pumpkin purse that my mom made for her last fall....but, it is still at my mom's house. I forgot to pick it up when I was there yesterday.