17 April, 2011

Thin mint knock offs!

 I started off with some Dark Cocoa mint Candy Melts, bought on sale at JoAnn Fabrics for $2.29, and some Vanilla wafers  from Aldi's $1.39.

 I melted the candy melts in my nifty boiler pan that my DH got me for Christmas...for free!  He got to choose a gift from his boss out of a catalog for Christmas and he got me this boiler pan because he knew I was wanting something better to use for my chocolate dipping.  This is so easy to use!  I just add a little but of water in the lip thing, once it starts to boil the chocolate melts!  The steam does not get all in my chocolate like it was when I was using a glass bowl on top of one of my other pans.
I melted the chocolate.
 I used a fork to dunk the Vanilla wafers into the mint chocolate.
 Then I set them onto wax paper to cool.
 My 6 yo DD dropped all of the wafers into the chocolate.

 DD was a great helper!
 It made 80 cookies.  It probably would have made another 10 cookies but I ran out of cookie sheet space so we just ate the rest of the chocolate and the wafers.

 Well, it passed the kid approval!  And before I could even get the photos uploaded the kids had ate an ENTIRE TRAY!!  They just kept walking by them and grabbing them!!!  I had no idea and when I walked passed them for something else I seen the entire tray was gone.  Sigh.....
Are they as good as the real thing...close...but they will do if you have a major craving.
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BornStoryteller said...

That just looks yummy. So many food posts today. Droooool.