26 September, 2008

Aww...how sweet!

This was a moment that just made my heart weepy! This is a moment when I just love having a bunch of kiddos (ok I have a lot of moments when I love being the mom to so many.) My 11 yo always gets tired on car rides and after a long trip to Toledo and back in one day he was really tired. This was the first picture I took....but 6 yo loves his picture and wanted me to take another one with him smiling (picture above.) I think this moment really touched me because 6 yo can tend to take advantage of his older brothers because he just has a much more aggressive personality than the older three so to see him being so tender with 11 yo was just so awesome!

Baseball game!

The kids school has a back to school picnic every year a the local baseball game. My 6 yo was obsessed with getting his picture taken with Scrappy. It took some time to finally track Scrappy down but we did get a picture. I don't think my 6 yo would have been fit to live with if we didn't!;) The boys all had their gloves just in case they had the chance to catch a ball.....but, thankfully none came close!

6 yo is so cute with his missing teeth!

More rally pictures!

We went to the McCain/Palin rally last week. My mom, dad, brother, MIL and all 5 kiddos went with me. DH does not have any vacation days at his new job yet or he would have gone too.
Here we are waiting in line to get back on the shuttle buses to take us back to the van after the rally was over.
On, the bus riding to the air hanger in which they were going to speak.


We got our broiler chickens put in the freezer on August 10th....and I am finally getting around to posting the pictures. We ended up with 51 chickens to put in the freezers. They were pretty much exactly 8 weeks old....so they grew fast!

It was 6:30 in the morning....my dad came up to haul the chickens for us and of course he had to hit the softest part of the whole yard....at 6:30 in the morning....and got stuck!
DH and the boys trying to push it out. Do you see where the 6 yo is?? In the back of the truck...yeah he is a big help!

Still stuck...

So, they had me go get the van....ummm did someone not tell them that a rear wheel drive van with a light back end on wet grass is worthless???

It is a good thing that I have neighbors that like me!! So, by this time it was getting close to 7 and I went and woke up my neighbor and he was kind enough to bring up his four wheel drive truck and pulled my dad out. We had to do this so early in the morning because they had to be at the butchers at 8 and it is a 45 minuted drive there.


Some Awesome friends from our church had a patch of corn and told us we could come pick all we wanted. So, we husked and froze up a bunch of corn for the next coming year. It was super yummy corn!!

24 September, 2008

More wood for winter!

My dad and brother have been so awesome and getting us some slabwood so we can burn for winter. We do have electric heat but the wood is much better financially so we only burn wood all winter...so it takes a lot of wood. This is about 3 1/2 loads laying here and my brother cut up a load and a half...the boys stacked it up under the porch...you can see it in the background under the porch. I am hoping to get at least 3 more loads...for 8 loads total...maybe a couple more. The loads are $15 each....for what we are paying for ALL of the wood one months electric bill running the electric heat would be about twice that much....and NE Ohio winter does not last for just one month!!;) This bottom picture is for Lori and Alison....do you see why I say we look like hillbillies?? I stepped back just a couple of steps from the first picture just so you could see some of the endless toys that adorn our yard! LOL!

DH's New car!

This is DH's new car for driving back and forth to work. It is a 2000 Oldsmobile Alero. We should see a big difference in our weekly gas budget now! WOOHOO!! I get MY van back!!!!
Thank you, Pete and Carole (even though Carole probably won't claim the car!;-)) for letting us borrow your car until we got another car! My kiddos are totally in love with this car because it has a seat the sits backwards and the windows roll down...so they can stick their hands out. I really liked the fact that it fit our entire family...not many cars do that!

16 September, 2008

Sarah and Todd Palin

I took all 5 kiddos and when to the McCain/Palin rally today. Sarah is a very dynamic speaker and very articulate!

Here DH, Todd, was there but I did not see any of her kids there. There was an estimated 7,000 people there today.

I think Todd is a rather good looking fellow!

06 September, 2008


DH and 11 yo out cutting wood today to get ready for winter.

This is how much he got cut just this afternoon and he had a little bit left to cut.

03 September, 2008

Belly pics!

The family and I went to The Bass Pro Shop two weeks ago and they had a shooting range. My 11 yo took this picture of me...so I thought I would show you all how big my belly is getting! This first picture really shows it! (Oh yeah, and I did score the most points on the shooting!!)