28 December, 2012

Sledding videos!

My 10 yo going down.  My battery was so cold on the camera that it kept dyeing so I only got a few videos,
A classmate that I graduated with, TJ and 10 yo.  10 yo totally wiped out in that mud puddle there!  He was covered in mud after that!
10 yo.
10 yo.

Sledding on West Hill!

We have been on 'house arrest' as my 10 yo dubbed it for the last few days because my van was at the mechanics garage and as soon as I got my van back we were itching to go sledding so I took the kids over to Sharon to West Hill.  This is a really LONG hill!  The kids had a great time!  (Sure beats sledding off of our porch! LOL)
Two guys that I graduated high school with happened to be there also with two of their boys so it gave my kids someone else to sled with.  Here they are all holding hands and going down the hill as a group.  They really got up some speed doing that!  Toward the bottom of the hill they all had to bail though because there were two groups of people just standing there and they would have taken them out if they didn't.

It really is a beautiful view over the city!  Going down is a LOT of fun....coming up a bunch of times not so much!
3 yo DD is actually on the sled with 17 yo DS you just can't see her.  She loves the snow and sledding!

New Snowman Table Setting!

I saw these snowman plates at Dollar General at the beginning of the season but I thought it would be a bit much to get them but when I was in DG today they were 50% off so I got a bunch of them.  I don't have a whole set but I got 12 plates for .75 each, 12 saucer plates, 6 bowls, and 2 mugs for .50 each.  I need to try and go to another DG tomorrow and see if they have anymore bowls and mugs to complete the set.  I also got two sets of coasters for $1 each and a tablecloth for $2.  My oldest DS got me the red silverware for Christmas! I love to collect Pedestal Cake Plates and this first one is one that my brother got me a few years ago. 

My mom got me this Cake Plate this year at a craft show.  As you can see in the above picture it is a mug glued to the snowman plate and I think it is super cute!  I have several Christmas Pedestal Cake plates and I like to change them and my table setting out!  I also have a Cream and Green Snowman set of dishes that I picked up at a garage sale years ago for $8.  I would love to have several dish sets for every holiday or season!  

Sledding off the new porch!

The kids piled up the snow and made their own little sled riding hill! 

Christmas Trees!

Here is a picture of our tree from Christmas morning!
10 yo DS set his own tree up.  This is in his 'corner' where all of his toys are on the backside of the living room.  

16 December, 2012

The kiddos!

I took a picture of the kiddos this morning after church!  

Ho! Ho! Ho! New Christmas outfits for the girls!

These are the new outfits I made for the girls for Christmas.  The skirt says Ho! Ho! Ho! on it.  

Christmas Play!

10 yo DS and 7 yo DD were in the Christmas play at church.  10 yo was the lead Shepard.
7 yo DD was one of the Angels,
13 yo DS waiting for church to start.
13 and 15 and 17 yo.
We had the Christmas Banquet at church the night before and there were leftovers so they had a luncheon after church.  
Sigh...I have no idea why photobucket and blogger are not playing nice with each other and distorting some of my pictures.

New Front Porch!

The front porch is another thing that NEEDED replaced!  Whew!  I finally got it done!  
Here is 15 yo tearing out the part in front of the door.  The part where DD is standing and the contractor sitting has already been torn out.  It is sitting in a pile behind the contractor.
That is a HEAVY piece that 15 yo is there lifting by himself!  
15 and 10 yo worked with the contractor the whole day!  They did an awesome job!  The contract was so gracious about working with them too!  
Of course it is a lot easier for the kids to get in there and jump from one joist to another.

The contractor placed all of the boards and did the first screws and then he let the boys do all the rest!  They were thrilled to be able to do so much!  
The steps went on a couple days later.  
Me and 10 yo DS! Oh, I just love it when they make goofy faces for pictures...NOT! LOL!

Putting the last board in place!  

New Windows!

I have been waiting YEARS to replace these windows and last week I FINALLY got them replaced!

And the night before the contractor came to replace the window 15 yo broke one of the windows!  I honestly can't believe these windows lasted the 14 years that we have lived here and then got broke the night before they were scheduled to be replaced! I am just so thankful that they kids did not break the brand new windows because they had been sitting in the dining room just below these windows for a couple of weeks.  15 yo said he just knocked on it to get the attention of  couple of the other kids that were inside and his hand went right through the window!  
The contractor taking out the old windows.

The new windows are in!
The contractor putting the oak trim around the inside of the windows.  The new windows are 2 inches bigger than the old windows and they are so nice!  I was actually standing in front of them and I could not feel any draft at all!  The old windows were terribly draft!