22 April, 2011

Rice Krispie Treats!

 YUM!  These have got to be one of my most favorite treats ever so today I taught 8 yo DS how to make them!  They are SUPER easy to make!   First I melt a stick of butter.
 Then we added in a bag of marshmallows. I used mini marshmallows because that is all I could find.

 All melted!  Then I added in a cap full of vanilla.
 Then we threw in 6 cups of rice krispies.  I actually use a little less than the 6 cups that it calls for because I like mine to be marshmallowy.

 Then we dump it into a greased cake pan and patted it down.
 My 8 yo was totally able to make these while I just snapped off pictures so you can see these are so easy to make!  Plus he LOVES to cook so that helps a lot!
Now they are in the fridge chilling.

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Lisa Marie said...

Yum yum! :) I so want to go out and buy the ingredients to make these :)