26 May, 2009

Target shooting!

I had my CCW class tonight and we shot a .22 semi automatic. I think I would have shot a lot better had I known that the gun owner was left handed before I started shooting rather than after because I was just off to the side and had to really adjust to bring my shot over to the target. We actually shot at a paper plate that was stapled to the back of the paper that had an orange dot sticker in the center. The instructor kept our paper plates to grade them. If we did well we get a patch at the end of the course. All of the shots that are together are from a sitting position. The shots at the top circle were from the standing position. I missed one shot into that hole....but once you turned it over to the silohoutte side you can see that it was still a good shot. All of my shots at the dot are within an area that is smaller than the size of my hand. I had so much fun!!

Garden and spa!

I started filling up the spa yesterday while DH was rototilling. 7 yo had a great time running through the freshly tille garden with the row maker thing. My 13 yo looks like he was really working hard trying to make a row but he was just fooling around digging up the freshly tilled ground too.
The water in the spa was ice cold...straight out of the well!! But the kids had a great time playing in it!

The boys playing outside while DH rototilled.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day yesterday!! The neighbors grandson has been over all this weekend playing with the kids. DH also got half of the garden planted...of course that was after we cleaned up all the millions of toys and filled all the holes in from the kiddos playing in it all week.

My 7 yo's birthday!!

The boy child turned 7 on May 22nd! This is my child that gives me a run for my money!! He is a spitfire!! He LOVES girls!! He loves the girls that squeel and carry on!! The more they giggle the more he is in love with them!! All the teenage girls think he is so cute now because he is little but I am going to be handcuffing myself to him once he hits puberty so that I can get him to 18 without any baby mommas knocking on my door!! He is so flirtatious!! He is going to be my child that has a ton of friends and they are all going to be girls!! I am thinking he must get this personality trait from his father!!! LOL!!!

25 May, 2009

TJ Repelling Head first!

This is a short video of TJ jumping off of a 40 foot cliff! Sorry it is dark and kind of hard to see. TJ took my 13 yo and I repelling. He has all the gear and was so generous to share and show us how to repel!

This is a video of my 13 yo repelling!

23 May, 2009


My 13 yo, a friend from church and his brother and friend, and I went repelling this morning! I had a blast!! It was about a 40 foot drop. My DS went down like 10 times. I only went down 4 times. TJ, his brother, and friend went down head first!! Can we just say crazy!!! I can't wait to go again!

13 year old repelling!

Breakneck Bridge

They (the other 4 guys with me) talked me into going down this super steep lose stone path on the side of a cliff to the waterfalls!!! What was I thinking?? It was really cool in behind the falls! I had such a great time this morning!

McConnell's Mill

13 yo and I went repelling here today! The Mill is absolutely beautiful!

21 May, 2009


To stinkin' cute!! The kiddos are so tired after a full day of playing outside. DD was sleeping near DS feet but then she half woke up and moved...right on top of DS! He did not even wake up or try to push her off so you know he is super tired!

The beginning of the garden!

DH got the garden rototilled up. The kids of course think it is there new place to play! They LOVE dirt!! We also cooked hamburgers, hot dogs, and s'mores out on the fire tonight. It was a perfect evening! I love hanging out with my family outside! Can you see DD sitting out in the middle of the garden in the first picture?