30 July, 2011

Another set of TWINS!! Amber's Goatie Babies!

Amber had her babies yesterday evening!  A boy and a girl!  They are doing very good!  They are both nursing and Amber is doing great too!  These are purebred Nubians.  

This is the little buckling!

 Here is the doeling!  She has more white on her face.
 They are both very strong and active!

It is with great sadness that I must say that one of Lily's bucklings passed away earlier this week.  The other bucklings is doing great and Lily is doing much better!

17 July, 2011

My first Goatie Babies!!!

This morning the kids went out to feed and water and found TWO GOATIE BABIES!!!I  This is Lily's first kidding and she had TWINS! (With proud papa Cloud!)  Lily was not due for another 10 days so they are premature.  We are bottle feeding them now and they are doing really good.  They are still very wobbly though.  We have two little bucklings!  They are so adorable and soft!  Lily seems to be in good spirits but she did not want much to do with them once we found them.  They were clean and dry when we found them this morning so we are assuming she did take care of them and clean them all off.  But now they are in the house and the kids are just loving it!

The pictures with them on the hay are when we first found them and they were still out in the goat house.

The colostrum from Lily was so think that they had a hard time swallowing it.  So once we watered it down some they have been able to eat about 2 oz every two hours.  They are both taking to the bottle very nicely.

Oh!  These long ears are just so stinking cute!!!

11 July, 2011

Customer Spotlight!

I have been chosen as the MyPatriotSupply Customer Spotlight featured family!  I got to do a little write up about my family's journey to become more self sufficient!!  Check it out!
Customer Spotlight!

08 July, 2011