27 July, 2008

Our new swingset!

I don't think these pictures do the sheer size of this swingset justice! The swing uprirghts are 6"x6"x16' posts! 16 feet across and the monkey bars are 12 feet long...making it a total of 28 feet long....and the monkey bars are 7 feet in the air. The kids have played on it pretty much nonstop since DH took the braces off and the cement dried. I am sure that they will have years of enjoyment on it. Our plan for the future...hopefully next summer...is to add on a platform/tower on the side of the monkey bars and then put a platform around the tree next to it and a sandbox underneath...again that is future plans. And we still need to put a tire swing on in between the two swings but we have to special order it from somewhere.

Sneak Peek!

I have a TON of pictures I need to get uploaded to my blog but, here is a sneak peek of the outfits I just made! I think they came out AWESOME!! I made an outfit for DD's doll baby, DD, and myself! I made the pillowcase dress for DD and her doll and made it as a top for me and then altered a pair of maternity pants I got off of ebay to match. I had two identical pairs of black pants so I cut one of them off and made it into capris and then put the zebra print on as a cuff....those also came out great!! The hair bow that the doll is wearing is the one I made for DD a while ago (can be seen in a previous post...back at the beginning of my blog.) It may be hard to see but I also sewed on a piece of black satin ribbon on between the pink and bottom strip of zebra print. Now my goal is to make matching purses for DD and I and have my mom embroidery our names on them.

21 July, 2008

Blog giveaway!!

OMG!! JenMarie just sent me a link to this blog:

She is giving away handmade outfits!!!!! She is giving away a new outfit nearly every week and they are just the size to fit my DD....and all who know me know that I LOVE to put handmde outfits I my DD!!!!!! And all I have to do to be entered is post about it on my blog with a link back to the outfit!! How easy is that???

17 July, 2008

First lost tooth!!

My 6 yo lost his first tooth the other day!! He was so excited to get his $1 so he could go to the store and spend it! Of course, you know he has been waiting for this day for a loooooonnnngggg time since he has seen his brother's lose so many teeth! Once he realized the tooth was even loose he was a little obsessed until it came out....I think it took less than a half and hour and he had me put some embrodiery floss around it...like I've done for the older boys...so he could get it pulled out! He was so excited to finally get to go to Dollar General yesterday and spend his $1....it is more like each tooth costs $1.07 because of tax...and he got some little nurf sling shot thing. I think half of the fun for them is just looking up and down the ailse a hundred times feasting their eyes on all the possibilities of what they could get.

16 July, 2008


We had a great time on Saturday! A friend from church invited our care group to their camp site and for a ride out on their pontoon boat! My 9 yo and 11 yo each caught two fish!

Macho Macho Man!

10 July, 2008


Here is a picture of our little peanut! I was off on my estimated due date by one day...that is pretty darn good if you ask me! So, now it is Feb. 27! If you can understand the picture at all you are doing good...the top of the baby's head is against the left side on the bottom. This is my 7 weeks u/s.
My blood pressure was really good today! 120/70...that is very good for me! I have been trying very hard to keep it down.

05 July, 2008


This is me with my family!

This is my mom, dad, and brother.
I thought this was a fantastic picture of my mom and DD!


We went to a parade last weekend. I think we came home with three full bags of candy...so I sent one home with my brother....and I will probably just end up throwing away the rest or giving it to my MIL to give away at church.

Can you tell that my 8 yo and brother are across the street. The kids next to my brother kept taking his candy right out of his seat so he decided to move...and then my brother and cousin, Sam promoted bad behavior and were tossing a small football back and forth across the street.

Waiting for candy!

It was so fun watching the float passengers point at DD's old glory patriotic outfit and tell the drivers to look. I love getting comments on her outfits...it makes all the hard work worth it!

This truck is really cool too!

This the the Truck Night shuttle bus for the Mud bog nights. This has to one of the kids favorites.

Can you tell that DD also let me do her hair!! I found a new blog all about doing little girl hair. I am so suprised DD has let me do her hair and has been letting me do her hair since....this used to be a battled I chose not to fight...now she loves having it done and doesn't want me to take it down even after we get home.

.10 ICEE!

Walgreen's had thier ICEEs on sale for .10 last week...that is a deal we just could not pass up. I had seen the sign earlier and the week so this was our second stop...we went after the parade. 6 ICEEs for .60! (DH had pop instead.) This was a real special treat for the kiddos because I do not splurg and buy them drinks out especially when they are usually more than a $1-$1.50 per drink. I usually do not ever let them have this much sugar so that made it a real special treat...although you could tell they are not used to having a lot of sugar because most of them could not even drink half of it. I gave each of the kids their own dime to pay for it themselves...the poor checkout guys...the first guy was a brand new cashier in training and had to keep track of 5 kiddos all putting their drinks up on the counter and standing in line with DD standing on the other side handing her dime to him and he was so sweet and let her 'cut' in front of her brothers.

The girl in the black hat is our Cousin, Sam (Samantha) who is down from CT visiting her uncle for the summer.

VBS Sunday!

This is my 3 and 6 yo in the VBS program on Sunday...as you can see they are the best dressed pirates in the group!;) I must have got a million comments on DD's boutique pirate princess outfit! Do you recognize the headscarf and belt that DS is wearing? It is the same ones DD wore earlier in the week before I got her full outfit done.

My 8 yo is in the Ranger uniform and my 10 yo is in the red and blue striped shirt. My 12 yo was also in the program but clear on the other side of the group of kids. I asked all three of the older boys to try to stand in the middle behind my 3 and 6 yo so I could get some good pics with them all in it...they did not listen real well that instruction obviously!

Ranger of the Year!!

My 12 yo got the Ranger of the Year award!! This award always seemed so unattainable in the past so I was so suprised when his Ranger commander called at 10:40 the night before the ceremony and told me to have him wear his uniform. It was family day out our church and they were presented the award in front of the whole church. Only the boys recieving awards had to dress in their Ranger uniform all of the other ones dressed up in their pirate outfits for VBS and performed a few of the songs they had learned that week.

My 8 yo won 2nd place for his age group for the Ranger of the Year.
WOOHOO!! Way to go guys!!

Family Reunion!

DH and I took the two littles to his family reunion. This year was their 60th so they had a big turn out. Usually we have it at a local park but since it was a big year they had it has his Uncle Robert's farm. The kiddos had a ton of fun. One of the traditions is that they have ice cream every year....DD did a great job of getting it all over her boutique ladybug outfit that I made for her.

The two littles playing up in the hay loft.

Playing in the tractor.

We got to go on a wagon ride around one of the fields...the rain held off just long enough.

Uncle Andy's cool car.

You are on an old farm of course you have to use an out house!! Thankfully it is a new one!

YUM!! I knew my kiddos were tasty!

DS must taste the best...or else this is just a man eating cow....because this calf sure did have a big mouthful of his shirt!

Aren't they just so cute! These pics are from two weekends ago...I know I am running a little behind on uploading pics. DH was cleaning out the chicken coop and the two littles had enjoyed getting in the spa and then running in and out of the chicken pen. The older boys were all at Ranger camp the whole weekend so that is why most of the pics are of just the two little ones.