12 November, 2013

We got Snow this morning!!

My 8 yo DD making a snow angel!
 4 yo and 8 yo DD making snow angels!
 11 yo DS making a path in the snow and packing it all into the ditch!

 Me and 4 yo DD!
 This semi was in the intersection with a wrecker this morning on my way to take the boys to school. It was pure thick ice under the snow throughout the whole intersection. 
 It is beautiful in the sunlight when it covers all the branches!
 The plow truck plowing my road just as I was about home...sigh...it would have been nice if he would have plowed BEFORE I had to take the boys to school.

 I am so thankful my BF came and cut a bunch of wood for me last weekend so we can keep warm with all of this snow!
 18 yo DS as we were walking out the door to take him to school.  I had to take him because his Blazer is in the shop.