10 November, 2009

Playing in the chicken pen!

4 yo DD chasing around a chicken! These are some chickens that some friends of mine hatched for me on Father's Day. They are just a mixed breed. I am hoping that they lay nice big brown eggs!

10 yo was helping clean out the coops!

12 yo just standing around looking all handsome!!

My 14 yo did most of the cleaning in the coops. I don't know what is up with that goofy grin!

There are 30 chicks. They are doing really good! We gave them some pumpkins from the local pumpkin patch that we got for free after the season. The kids had a blast picking them and cutting them up and throwing them in!

My two turkey hens and some of my Black Jersey Giants.

This was DD's favorite chick! The poor thing! She would not leave it alone! But it sure did make for a super sweet picture!

My big beautiful BJG rooster! To bad he has a date with the camp counselor on Thursday! He is heading off to Freezer Camp!

After Thursday I will be down to 30 mixed chicks, two turkeys, and one duck.

DD had the chick eating out of her hand!

DD was trying to get the chick to eat out of her hand first and then 10 yo had to do it!

LOL! She said the chick pecked her!

And of course no blog post is complete without a picture of baby girl! She is 9 1/2 months old now! She is starting to stand on her own...to her own suprise. She has been walking around the furniture for a while now. Her new trick is climbing up on the couch! She thinks she is big baby stuff!

02 November, 2009

Tonka Truck!!

The kiddos put 4 yo DD's pillow in the dump truck...and then baby girl in it! I am not sure if she was asleep before they laid her in there or not. She slept like this for a good 45 minutes or more!


Bill's cousin got married on Saturday, October 31st. It was a full costume wedding. The bride and groom dressed up as Mortisia and dGomez from the Adam's family. It was a really fun day. We dressed up in all camo.

The baby was a flower. She was not crying in this picture...she was talking and making noise.

We were blowing bubbles at the bride and groom. The bubbles were in little eyeball containers.

I just can't get enough sleeping pictures!

I swear I just can't take enough cute pictures of my kiddos sleeping! My 7 yo fell asleep on 4 yo on the couch the other night...she did not even care!


The boys' TKD teacher got them a bandana when he wen to CA (I think). The boys put one on the baby! LOL!!

That is 14 yo holding baby girl! Wow, she looks so tiny compared to his big hands!


We were blessed with some pears from some great friends from church. We were able to can up 80 quarts of pears!! Whew! I didn't think we were ever going to get them done because they took so long to peel and cut up. But, man oh man do they taste good!