09 September, 2009


These are potatoes from out of our garden! This was only from two rows! We still have 4 rows left to dig up!
I was canning up applesauce and DD laid down next to the potatoes and the next thing I knew she was asleep! A few of the potatoes got pretty big!

You can only see about 3/4th of the potatoes in this picture. We have them laid out so the skins can toughen up.

Apple picking!

We went and picked apples at a friend from church's house. I let the kids play with my camera and here are some of the random shots they took! From the apples we picked I ended up with 46 quarts of applesauce!! Thank you Bill & Tammi for the apples! 12 yo on their trampoline with the baby!

7 yo found a toad! That poor thing! He sure did torture it!!

Baby girl's new boutique outfit. I need to get a picture of 4 yo DD in hers as well as a picture of their Sweet Treats outfit I made! I have been totally slacking with pictures the last few months!

I just love this picture!


Baby girl dedication!

Baby girl was finally dedicated on Sunday. (I think I was waiting for her to be walking and talking before we got it done! LOL! Most of the babies are dedicated by the time they are a month or two old!) It was an awesome dedication and not just because it was my baby. She did not get scared at all for this part! She has no fear much like some of my other children!! She was kicking her legs like crazy and I am sure it was all DH could do to keep a hold of her!
I did get the girls a new boutique outfit made for this. They are kind of hard to see but it is watermelons.

Pictures from the soccer park.

We play soccer every Friday night and we got there early enough that the kids were able to play at the playground.
Baby girl just loves this swing!

I think this picture is priceless!

I think she is growing and changing so much!

13, 7 and 4 yo.

10 yo with baby girl at the park where we play soccer.

13 (he will be 14 tomorrow!!) and 12 yo playing on the tire swing at the park. I got on with 7 yo and almost got sick! I used to be able to play for hours on one of these but my body chemistry has changed since I have had kiddos and with each one I seem to be able to do less and less of this type of thing.

Finally getting around to updating my blog!

I just don't think you can snap to many random baby girl pictures! I am sorry to all of my family, friends, and bloggy friends for not putting pictures up sooner! Even my DH has been getting on me becuase I have not updated my blog!

My 12 yo holding baby girl at church on the day of the church picnic. He is so good with her! She is 7 1/2 months old now and they STILL fight over her!!