26 February, 2009


Another picture of baby girl next to 4 yo DD's baby doll so you can see how much she is growing. She looks totally freaked out in the one picture...she was just crying and I caught her with her mouth wide open.
Baby girl will be 5 weeks old on Saturday and tomorrow the 27th is her original due date! It is hard to believe that 5 weeks have gone by already!!


Yes! That is what this is...TORTURE!! 4 yo DD started out putting hair clips into her Barbies hair and then she finally talked my into letting her put some in my hair. Then 6 yo started helping her put some in! Who knew DD had so many hair pretties!!

18 February, 2009


Do you see baby girl??? She is just as content as can be!! She has been laying on 13 yo while he and 4 yo color for nearly an hour now!

Again NOT my fault if she is spoiled!!

15 February, 2009

3 Weeks old!

These are the pictures I took of DD yesterday when she turned three weeks old!

14 February, 2009

It's not my fault!!

It is totally not my fault if the baby turns out spoiled!! The boys think they have to hold her every moment they are awake! If I am not feeding her then they think she is fair game! And Oh My!! If she cries that is a SIN!! They demand that I feed her right away...even if I just did less than 20 minutes ago!! So if baby girl turns out spoiled and rotten don't blame me!! I am not the one that gave in to her every whim!!

I try not to think about what it is going to be like in 10 years. The older boys will be 19, 21, and 23 years old....which means baby girl will be 10 with three other adult drivers in the house! Which means if I don't want to take her somewhere she will probably bat her little puppy dog eyes and one of them will give in to her!! I know that 4 yo DD will have already trained them to give in because my oldest will be 19 when she turns 10 years old...and my 13 yo is a total push over so I know he will do it! So if either of my girls are spoiled it is not my fault! If my boys ever complain when they are older about the girls being spoiled I will have to bring up this blog post and show them the reason behind it!!


What else can I say??

This picture was taken over a week ago.

6 and 4 yo!

This is pretty much what 6 & 4 yo do all day....just stare at the baby and get in her face! They have to CONSTANTLY kiss her and touch her!! If anyone else is messing with the baby they are literally right on top of you when you do!!


It is udderly rediculous!!! So you see how tall my 13 yo has got?????? Oh, but he is such a good young man!! He is almost like having another adult in the house because he is so helpful!!!

04 February, 2009

Check out DH's BFF New Etsy shop!

Don't you just think these earrings are gorgeous!!! DH's BFF has opened up a new Etsy shop featuring all of his wood working creations and he has some really awesome stuff so go check it out!!
Hey, maybe if I send enough business his way he will send me a pair of his awesome earrings!! LOL!!! (Great shop Oldman!!)

He was featured today 2/26 in the local paper!