16 April, 2011

Homemade theater style popcorn!

The family and I are ADDICTED to homemade popcorn!  This is how we make ours and it tastes just like you would get at a theater only a LOT cheaper!  
You will need Popcorn salt.  I bought this from Sam's Club.  You get two containers this size for around $3 something.  I once bought butter flavored popcorn salt from an Amish bulk goods store and it looks EXACTLY like this salt does...only it was 8 times cheaper at Sam's!  
 This popcorn oil is awesome!  I also got it from Sam's Club.  I think it was a little less than $10.  I use 1/2 cup of oil to one cup of popcorn.  I get the 50# bag of popcorn from Sam's for around $18.  Believe me it makes a LOT of popcorn!
 First I put the 1/2 cup of butter flavored oil in a pot and let it heat up on md/hi heat for 2-3 minutes.
 Then I add a scoop of  the butter flavored salt using the little scooper that came with it, mixing it around in the oil just a bit.
 Then I add the 1 cup of popcorn kernels and put the lid on!
 I took the lid off so you could see what it looks like.  I do not recommend doing that while you are trying to pop because some of the HOT kernels can come flying out!
 Here are the kernels starting to pop.  While the kernels are in the oil I continually mix slide the pot around by the handles so the oil and salt cover the kernels really good and so that the popcorn does not burn on the bottom.
 Here is a quick peek of it just before it is ready to come off of the burner.
 Here you go!!  Most of the popcorn has that golden buttery color!  It is SOOO GOOD!!  We usually make two batches so that everyone can have their fill.

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