10 March, 2009

One HUGE egg!!

The big brown egg is one our Black Jersey Giant eggs that we got yesterday. So, you know I had to put it into the 'bator!! The white speckled egg is a Bourbon Red Turkey egg. This egg is nearly twice the size that my BJG lay. Maybe they will start laying eggs this big all the time!! Now I am just praying it hatches!!

Fuzzy butts!!

I have six baby chicks so far!!

09 March, 2009

A chick has hatched!!

This is a picture of my first chick out of this batch of eggs!! I am on chick watch today so don't be suprised if I post 10 times today with new fuzzy butt pictures!!

Of course they are much cuter once they fluff up and are dry....more pictures to come as the day goes on!!

08 March, 2009

Chirp! Chirp!

Holy Moly!! My DH scared the crap out of me this morning!! The baby was up quite a bit last night and I had discussed with DH last night that I was still not going to go church because I wanted to wait for the baby to get a little bit bigger. So, he let me sleep and did not wake me up when he got the kiddos all up....and I never heard them get up. I was in a deep sleep! Then I hear DH bust into the bedroom and scream "I HEAR THEM CHIRPING!!" I about jumped out of my skin!! LOL!! I have the two incubator in the bathroom and he heard my BJG eggs chirping! They are due to hatch in 3 days! I got up and sure enough you could hear one of them chirping as loud as can be!! Now if I can just get them to hatch without killing them!! LOL!

06 March, 2009

6 yo holding baby girl!

DH took the older three boys to 4H shooting so I think 6 yo thought it was his job to take over and hold baby girl like they always do! 6 yo is just content as can be just watching the tv and holding the baby. Funny thing is the baby is just as content as can be to lay there with him!!

05 March, 2009

Baby girl is growing!!

I took her to the pediatrician today and she now weighes 5 pounds 12 ounces!! That is up from 4 pounds the last visit. She is now 20" long. That is up from 17 1/4" at the last appointment 4 weeks ago. The doctor said everything looked great!
One thing that the doctor asked that made me laugh was "Is she easily consoled?" LOL!! I was thinking in order to console her she would have to cry!! Haha...she does not get much of a chance to cry or someone snatches her up!! My goodness my 13 yo will just come out and grab her from me just to hold her!! Both him and my 11 yo will circle around me and ask 20 times if I am done feeding her so they can carry off with her!!


But Mom you know this is the best way to swing!!

New pictures of my Black Jersey Giants!

13 yo is holding the hen and 11 yo is holding the rooster...and he can barely keep a hold of him because the rooster is so big! It is a good thing that our BJGs are so calm or the boys would never be able to keep a hold of them!!
DD loves going into the chicken pen too!

We weighed one of the hens and one of the roosters and they both wieghed 17 pounds!! The rooster is taller and thinner and the hen was shorter and fatter!!

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