09 April, 2011

Garage and Rummage Sale finds!

I went out to some garage sales with my mom and brother this morning and found some stuff for the kiddos.  2 Quivers with a bunch of arrows.  Most of the arrows are to short for my older boys to use and play with though because their arms are so long!  Some of the arrows are wooden.

 I also got this little wooden toy gun.
 My 11 yo claimed this leaver belt and BB gun!

 Then 8 yo claimed this wooden toy gun and the coon skin hat....oh darn, I did not get a picture so you could see the little tail hanging down.  He has not taken the hat off since I brought it home and he looks so darn cute running around here in it!
 Here is the other quiver that had a knife in the leather casing.  The knife is in VERY sad shape though.
These 2 hand embroidered pillowcases (to make pillowcase dresses for the girls) for $3 each.

I also got:
3 little 1/2 cup glass dishes for .25  (We use these like crazy for puddings and dips.)
A flower shaped Pampered Chef bread mold for .50
And 8 pieces of clothing for 6 yo DD (Baby girl is wearing one of the shirts in her picture because she HAD to have something out of the goodies that I brought home, so 11 yo put the purple striped shirt on her and pinned it and she was happy as could be!)  and 8 shirts for the boys all for a $1 at a Rummage Sale!


katlupe said...

My father made my brother and me guns like that when we were kids! Great finds! I can't believe you found all that stuff!

Herself said...

LOL, you know you have country kids when rather then being shocked and horrified at them playing with knives and toy guns you consider them valuable tools that kids should know how to use!