06 April, 2011

Top Bar Beehive!

 A Friend of my DH's has a woodworking shop...Wudl's Workshop.  He makes just about anything you can think of out of wood! So when I sent him the plans to build me a Top Bar Beehive he said no problem!!
The instructions for the Top Bar Beehive can be found HERE.

 He makes Quilt Racks, and jewelry boxes, and craft show displays...and TONS of other totally cool things which you can see on his Etsy site HERE.
 Here is the Old Man himself!
 Ok, now for what you came to see!  This is my Top Bar Beehive.  He put Cedar boards on the lid...which is removable.
 Once you lift the lid you can see the bars for the bees to make their combs on.  There are three small holes in the front that the bees can come in and out of.   My bees are on order and should be here the end of April!  YIPPEE!  I am looking forward to having our own fresh honey!!


L.Howerter said...

that is awesome!
Honey is awesome!
so are you :)

Kifayat said...

Hi Pam, I like how you share a story with pictures. Let us know your progress with the bees & the beehives!

katlupe said...

Your husband does wonderful work. Very talented!

Pam's Pride said...

Thanks Katlupe...my husband's FRIEND does indeed do wonderful work! ;)