03 July, 2014

Spray Park!

I took the littles to the spray park today!  It was chilly but they had fun!

30 May, 2014

Valentine's Day hairdo and Progress on the Birdhouse!

This hairdo is super cute for Valentine's Day and 9 yo DD's hair is perfect for doing this!

 She is downright adorable! Hard to believe those are pants that I made for 9 yo DD like 4 years ago!

 Making Progress on her birdhouse!

Some random pictures and couple selfies!

Hot Dog Shoppe!

The Hot Dog Shoppe as got to be one of our most favorite places to eat! 

Playing outside and helping stack wood!

 She did a great job helping stack wood!  Well, all of the kids did a fantastic job cutting and stacking!

Stacking the wood!

This was the winter that never ended so we went through a lot of wood this year!
I love seeing a nice big stack of wood all ready to go!

Making a Birdhouse!

My 9 yo DD made a little wooden birdhouse in Pioneers!

 My 14 yo teaching the younger ones how to use the tools!


We only heat with wood in the winter so I had four bundles of slabwood delivered and we used that for heat and they work nicely!