02 April, 2011

Goat stalls!

 This is an update on how my new goatie baby Pinkie Pie is doing.  Lily is finally leaving her alone from what we can tell.  She is still pushing her around with her head but it is more of a nudge now and not a full out head butt or slamming her against the goat house like she was.  My oldest and DH built this stall for her so that she could still be out in the goat house at night but be safe from Lily while we were not out there.  I did not want her to get used to sleeping in the warm house.  For one because I did not want a goat IN my house all the time and another because I did not want her to be chilled when she did go back out on these cold days because she was in the warm house so much.
 The stalls are 4'x4'.  Only the one side has a gate on it right now.  The other side still needs a gate but we still have some time before it has to be put on.  We needed the stalls anyways for when Amber and Lily kid so they can be separated with their own babies.
 There is fresh hay down in both of the stalls now and not just a dirty floor.  LOL!
 You can see how big the stalls are because Amber and Lily both fit in it and have plenty of room to move around so I have no doubt they will have plenty of room when they kid.
This is my goat house!  I am not sure if I have ever posted finished pictures of it.  This is the goat house that my oldest and the neighbor built for me.  As in they went out into the woods, cut down trees, ran the logs through a sawmill, and then built the goat house!!  That is my milk stand in front of it.  My oldest and I built that together.
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Anonymous said...

I am over here, flailing my hands and making squeaky noises at the cuteness of your goats. :D The stalls look great!

Herself said...

Oh, that is lovely!