12 April, 2011

Top Bar Beehive! Part 2

Here is Part 2 of my Top Bar Beehive.... 
This is the location it is going to be in at the back of our property.

 These panels (I am sure they probably have some other technical name) are to keep the bees in a certain section so they do not get overwhelmed trying to fill the ENTIRE beehive to start with.
 Here you can see that there are two of them.  There are three holes that the bees can enter and exit the hive through.  So to start I have the panels on each side of the three holes so the bees only have 5 bars to build on to start with.
 Here you can see the ridge for them to start their comb on.  John Wudl says I need to rub some beeswax on this edge so that the bees will be attracted to that spot and no where to start at.  Did you notice the little handles he added to the top?  It makes it really easy to lift and move the bars then.  Ahh...my 6 yo model!  Isn't she a cutie!!  Just ignore her hair!  It seems to have a mind of its own!  LOL!
The Top Bar Beehive PART 1 .  It has the info of where I got my Top Bar made and a link to the instructions to make one for yourself.

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katlupe said...

Your model is adorable!

I think this post is so interesting. I had never really looked into the equipment for beekeeping.