08 April, 2011


What is Swagbucks?  It is a search and win site!  You earn points... or Swagbucks...and then you can cash them in for FREE Amazon gift cards, Paypal money, or other cool gifts!!
Search & Win
How I earn my daily Swagbucks:
I get most of my points from doing random searches 4 times a day....morning, afternoon, evening and then before I go to bed. That averages me 30-40 swagbucks a day. Then I earn 10 points from playing the games, 3-9 points a day from watching swagtv, 1 swagbuck from the daily poll, 1 from clicking on the trusted surveys tab, and 1 from clicking 'skip' through the NOSO offers. Then I usually find the 2 point ads on Gambit to watch a couple of times a week. 
Swagcodes:  If you "like" Swagbucks and Swagbucks Tricks on Facebook you can be alerted when Swagcodes are put out.  These are a code that is randomly place somewhere and they give you clues or a link on how to find it.  Then you copy and paste it into the "Gimme Box" on the Swagbucks homepage.  The points range from 4-19 for the swagcodes!
A $5 Amazon gift card is 450 Swagbucks. So it averages out to nearly a .01 a swagbucks point. But there are a TON of other options for you to choose from to spend your swagbucks on besides just Amazon.
I do not fill out any of the surveys because they require a phone number and email address and I do not want spammed otherwise I am sure I would earn twice as many swagbucks in a day.  But, when you sign up there is nearly 75 points in 'getting to know you' surveys that do not need any personal information.

SEARCHES: Use it just like you do Google search. If you are on the swagbucks homepage you just do random searches like "Goat houses", "Pamspride.blogspot", "couponing", "where can I find the best deal on oil lamps", "Swagbucks blog", or "swagbucks tricks"....anything! The more random the better. If you do not get swagbucks on your first search randomly hit the search again a few times (not to fast or you will get the TOS page up for spamming...make it random) and if you still do not get anything change your search word. I have only been able to get them 4 times a day. Sometimes if I do several searches and get no points I go to something else for about 5-10 minutes, sometimes closing out of the swagbucks page, then go back to it and I will get it on my first search when I come back.
Toolbar:  You can download the Swagbucks Toolbar and it also has random points.  I think it also gives 1 swagbuck a day.
SWAGTV: you have to watch the videos all the way through in order to see your meter on the top right go up by 10% at a time. After 100% you will earn 3 Swagbucks. You can watch videos all day if you want to and earn 10% at a time up to 75 Swagbucks.

GAMES: I have to play two games, watching the commercial thing all the way through first, play the game...GO BACK TO GAMES....then pick another game and do the same thing over again until I earn my 10 points. I usually get 2 swagbucks after every two games.  If you are a serious gamer you can enter tournaments for even more points!

Fridays are Mega Swagbucks days and you have a chance of getting greater amounts of swagbucks on your random searches!  The most I have ever received is a 51, which is awesome!!
Search & Win
So far I have earned over $100 in Amazon gift cards and a two year subscription to SHAPE magazine.  ALL FOR FREE!!

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Herself said...

I will have to try that!
Oh, and hotmail is free. I have 3 of them. One for business, one for personal emails - and one to put in whenever anything online asks for one. I go through that one about once a week and pretty much junk everything in it. But it is very convenient to have different email addresses JUST for certain things.