19 April, 2011

Command and Conquer!

We were given two computers by two different friends so we installed Command and Conquer Generals on them and then hooked up a cord so we could play the game head to head!!!  WOOT!!  I LOVE playing this game!!  This is my 13 yo playing on one of the computers.
                Here is my 11 yo playing on the other.  The computers are on a table and right next to each other.
My 15 yo and I played against each other this evening and he gave me a run for my money!!  But I still beat him!!  Mwhahahahaaa!!   We have another computer but it is going to cost us $60 to get it fixed so the boys will have to wait until we get some extra money so we can have 3 of us play against each other.  I imagine that the boys will probably form some kind of pact and try to take me out first I am sure!

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