24 April, 2011

Happy Easter from our Easter Bunnies!

If you guessed that I bought fluffy bunnies you would be right. They are Lion Head Rabbits.
This one has been named "Oreo" or Wolverine or Razor for short!  LOL!  This one likes to scratch the kiddos!   I think it looks like the perfect little cartoon Dust Bunny!  The one ear is always down and I think it is so cute!
The kids have been playing with them obsessively since we got them.  When I told my MIL that we got some fluffy bunnies she made me promise MULTIPLE times that we would not eat them!  I told her that these are fiber rabbits and not meat rabbits.  I don't know where she would ever get the idea that we would eat them....they are not big enough to make a meal for all of us.
This is "Buttercup".  I think they are so cute with the bows!!  My kids insist that if they are boys we will give them a complex.  (I have not checked yet to see what I did get.)  I am just hoping I do not have a boy AND a girl!  

Haha...we came home from church this morning and Buttercup was MISSING!!!  It took us over 20 minutes to find him!  He was under my bed!  Oh joy!

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* Crystal * said...

Aww, cute bunnies!!! We had meat bunnies, the californians were awful about biting and clawing. Couldn't keep them fertile in the Texas heat, so all but one went to freezer camp. The one who stayed is a castor rex buck who is like a puppy and oh so sweet...my munchkins really enjoy him & he lives in the yard like a dog :-) Enjoy your new bunnies!