28 April, 2011


iRazoo is a search and win site just like Swagbucks although a little different.  With iRazoo you need 3000 points to get a $5 Amazon Gift Card.  Swagbucks takes 450 points for the $5 AGC.  But the points you earn are much higher with iRazoo.

How I earn points:
Searches:  I find the search points a little harder to get on iRazoo but they are a LOT higher when you do win.  I have won between 14-116 points on a search!
Recommending sites:  This is my big points getter!  I earn 100 points a day here!  It takes less than 2 minutes to do.  You just type in a search word like "Pamspride.blogspot" and then you click on it....wait 30 seconds and then comment on the site.  Then hit "YES" to recommend the site.  Do this with 2 sites a day....25 points for each comment and 25 points for each "YES" recommendation.  Takes 2 minutes a day!!  If you do this everyday it adds up to the 3000 points in a month right there....earning you a $5 AGC that easy!
5 points a day:  Go to My Account then just click on Earn MEGA Points.
Videos:  Watch for 7 points or more videos under Gambit and the other 'Earn MEGA Points' section.  The videos are usually 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

Here is my blog post on Swagbucks so you can read up on it: http://pamspride.blogspot.com/2011/04/swagbucks.html

27 April, 2011

Coloring eggs!

 We boiled and colored up 6 dozen eggs on Saturday!  We did so many so that each kid could have one dozen eggs to color and then DH, Baby Girl, and I each got 4 eggs.  Apparently we had never done the shrink wraps on them before because my younger children were just totally amazed by them!  LOL!
 I think DD was the one who enjoyed coloring eggs the most!  I think DH even let her color his eggs!

A picture of our bunnies....just because!  
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26 April, 2011

Easter Party!

 Today I have Regina over with her  7 kiddos and we had a luncheon and Easter egg hunt!  We had a great time!  I fixed egg salad sandwiches with baby carrots and potato chips and lemonade to drink.  I also made a Creamsicle Cake for dessert that I FORGOT in the fridge!  UGH!
 I decorated the tables with a large egg on the plastic grass and decorative carrots.  Then I got decorative Easter glasses for everyone.

 All of the kids out searching for eggs!  We filled nearly 350 eggs!!  My oldest set them all out in the front and backyard.
 It was so muddy out there!  It POURED down rain yesterday!  But the rain held off until like a half an hour after the party was over today, Praise God!  The kids got to play with the goats and run around outside after their egg hunt.
 The kids opening up all of their goodies!

 They got Rocket balloons, punching balloons, rubber balls, bubbles, stickers, candy, decorative erasers, tops, trinkets, slinkies,  and these sticky men that you throw at the wall and then it is supposed to walk its way down.
 DS was certain that he would NOT like egg salad sandwiches until I told him I make them the same way I make deviled eggs ....you just put it on bread!  He LOVES deviled eggs!  I am not sure how many sandwiches he did end up eating.  I am sure it was a lot though!  Sigh....
My oldest DS was tall enough to just reach up and get the sticky men off the ceiling when the younger one threw them up there and then tried jumping off of chairs to reach them!  LOL!
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25 April, 2011

Crochet Bunnies!!

My mom made these adorable crochet bunnies for the girls for Easter!  They have Toostie Rolls in their hair for curlers.  I think the little bunny slippers are just the cutest!  I absolutely love handmade gifts!

 My mom also got the kids their own water bottles and since Baby Girl is OBSESSED with Dora right now she got her a Dora water bottle.  She can open and close it herself so she just loves it all the more.

 I love the little bunny tails on the back of the bunnies!
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Here is a link to the pattern that my mom used:

24 April, 2011

Happy Easter from our Easter Bunnies!

If you guessed that I bought fluffy bunnies you would be right. They are Lion Head Rabbits.
This one has been named "Oreo" or Wolverine or Razor for short!  LOL!  This one likes to scratch the kiddos!   I think it looks like the perfect little cartoon Dust Bunny!  The one ear is always down and I think it is so cute!
The kids have been playing with them obsessively since we got them.  When I told my MIL that we got some fluffy bunnies she made me promise MULTIPLE times that we would not eat them!  I told her that these are fiber rabbits and not meat rabbits.  I don't know where she would ever get the idea that we would eat them....they are not big enough to make a meal for all of us.
This is "Buttercup".  I think they are so cute with the bows!!  My kids insist that if they are boys we will give them a complex.  (I have not checked yet to see what I did get.)  I am just hoping I do not have a boy AND a girl!  

Haha...we came home from church this morning and Buttercup was MISSING!!!  It took us over 20 minutes to find him!  He was under my bed!  Oh joy!

23 April, 2011

Roger's Flea Market!

My mom, brother, and Alaina went with me to Roger's Flea Market yesterday.  The weather was cold and rainy and wet! So there was not any outside vendors.  But there are several large buildings filled with vendors.    We mostly went for the livestock auction though.  Here are some pictures of the animals that went up for auction: 
 This bunny went for around $18...I think.

 There were cages and cages of chickens...mostly roosters...that went up for auction.
 Here are a couple of the racks of them.  There was over 10 racks just like these ones.
 Here is a Bourbon red hen....or so I thought until the owner said it was a mix breed.  The SAME exact mix of the birds I already had so I did not bid on it.  It went for $20 and the mother hen went for $30.  The mother hen looks exactly like my older hens.
 One of the meat turkeys....I called them "Easter Dinner".
 Here are some of the goats that went up for auction.  The boer (meat) goats went for around $110.  It was heart breaking how some of the goats had been taken care of.  Clearly hooves were not trimmed.  One goat could barely walk its back legs were so weak.  Then there were 3 or 4 momma goats with babies only days or even hours old that were separated and sold off separately.
 Here is one of the momma goats.  The tiniest white goat baby was hers.   They sold separately!  The baby could not have been more than a day old!

 There was 5 Royal Palm hens that went up for sale.
 There was around 10 bull calves that went up for sale.  They sold for between $10-$35.  (A $10 calf was VERY TEMPTING!  LOL!  If I had a big farm I probably would have brought home three or four of them I am sure! ;) )

 The little all white goat was the baby to the momma pictured above.
There was two Nubian bucks that were CUTE that went up for auction.  They went for $40 each.  One was black and one was a DARK DARK chocolate.  The dark chocolate one was very tempting...but I did not come home with any goats...or turkeys...or chickens...
Alaina took some fertile pheasant eggs to sell (so if you are looking for pheasants let me know and I can get you in touch with her).  She got a beautiful Bourbon Red Tom. We were able to talk to the owners of the Bourbon Red Toms and they do not live that far away from us. She also bid (and won) on some pheasant chicks but they all died before we left because they did not have any kind of heat lights set up for them and it was pretty cold yesterday.  
Stay tuned to tomorrows post to see what I DID take home.........sigh.....
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