29 August, 2010


In honor of 5 yo DD starting school this year I made her this back to school just with Crayon fabric. I use a Daisy Kingdom pattern that I found at Walmart yesterday. The lady said the pattern had just came in. My mom and a couple friends have been getting on me about using a different pattern...so I did. I like this dress but I do miss the full twirly skirt and all the ruffles, so I am not sure if I will be doing this one again or not....I am needing some positive feedback on this one. I think the skirt could have been just a little shorter. I am going to put her knee high black boots and a pair of white tights with this for winter...I think.This top picture is one of her just goofing off. It is hard to get the pictures put in a particular order on the blogger post.

DD wanted a few pictures of her fooling around! Thankfully she is such a trooper about getting her picture taken. Of course I took all of these pictures in less than 5 minutes.

I put 5 crayon buttons on the blue trim of the bottom of the dress. I also put a blue crayon button on the bow on the dress.
DD trying to show the buttons.

The back of the dress.

19 August, 2010

Goat house, turkeys, and 111 pictures!!

Yes, that is right! 111 pictures! I am so far behind on blogging it is ridiculous! So I have attempted to upload some of my pictures from the last month or so. I still have nearly a thousand pictures on my camera that did not get uploaded from over the last 7 months! So scroll down all the posts and back a couple of pages to check them all out! Hopefully now that I have updated some pictures I can keep it updated!
I hatched 4 turkeys myself this year from Bourbon Red Tom and my two hen turkeys. Two turkeys have this beautiful red color and two of them look like the hens.
11 yo and I made this crate so we could move them around on fresh grass daily instead of just leaving them in the rabbit hutch with no access to grass. They are still to small to just put them in the coop with the other birds.
It is kind of hard to see but the new electric fence is in the background. The goats have about a 1/2 an acre to run on.

8 and 13 yo up on the roof of the new goat house.

14 yo DS has been helping the neighbor build a goat house for me. It is 8'x12'. 14 yo helped the neighbor take the trees from out of the woods, cut them on the sawmill, and then turn the boards into this awesome goat house! I have enough room in it for a whole herd of goats!
The roof over hangs in the front so I can put the milking stand under it and not get wet while I am milking. DH is going to hang a light on it for me because I have done several night time milkings! I try to stay consistent with the time but some days it is really hard.
The door is split in half so we can lock them in and still have the top open for fresh air.


DH and I took the kids canoeing!
He was freaking 14 yo DS out because he thought they were going to tip over!
Sigh!! What to do with this child????
A rare picture of me! 11 yo and I were on a canoe together.
13 yo, 5 yo, and DH on another canoe.

8 and 14 yo had the third canoe. The guy at the livery let us put 14 yo on a canoe with 8 yo but would not let us put 11 and 13 yo together on a canoe. I think they thought 14 yo was older than he really is! And I was not saying anything because then we could not have fit everyone onto a canoe comfortably.

Kids really do grow like weeds around here!

This is 8 yo DS hanging from a rope in the tree. It looks like he is standing on something but he isn't, that is a pile of wood pieces that are a few feet in front of him. This is his normal attire! It is near impossible to keep clothes on this child!14 yo DS had to help him down because he did not want to just drop because he thought it was to far.
Baby girl helping to build the new clothes line!
Her new car!

We dug the post holes for the new clothes line and 5 and 8 yo figured out they could fit into the holes! Baby girl wanted to get in the holes and kept clobbering 5 yo DD!
Look what is sprouting out of the ground here!
Growing like a weed! Literally! LOL!


5 yo DD making a hand print angel in crafts!

More baby girl pictures! She is growing up so fast!

No set of blogging posts is complete without cute pictures of baby girl! And goats! Baby girl totally loves the goats!I need to do a whole posting series on 'Where is the baby?'