09 November, 2011

In some games there are only losers!!

 Deer: 0 (Dead kind of makes it an automatic loser!)
Bill's Car:  -10 (Probably totaled!)

Bill was on his way to work this morning and hit a deer on 422W.  So he called me at 5:40AM to come get him.  This first picture is of his car when I got there, it is already hooked up to the tow truck.
 Here is the deer in the back seat!!  He actually hit it so hard that it messed up the front end, deployed the air bags, and then flew up in the air, went through the back window and landed on the back seat!!
 It looks worse in the daylight!!
 There is not even a smudge on the roof from the deer!  She really did fly up and come right down through the window!
 View from the broken back window looking in.
 It even cracked the front windshield...you can kind of see the cracks on the right hand side above the air bag thing.
 Clearly the car and the deer were losers in this cruel game!!
I guess car shopping is on the agenda for this week!  Sigh...........