23 March, 2011

A visit to Alaina's mini farm!

My mom and I went to Alaina's to get some Black Copper Maran's that she hatched herself.  This is her buck.  
She treats him like a big lovey baby!
These are her pheasants.  Her and her husband have a license to sell and release pheasants.
Her Slate Turkey.
All of her goatie babies were so lovey and this one had no problem let my 8 yo pick it up.  
This little girl in the front is my favorite little baby goatie of hers!  I would love to have her but with some goatie babies of my own on the way I am still debating....so don't no one else buy her until I make up my mind!  LOL!  (I may have some of my turkey babies or fertile turkey eggs for sale so I can raise the money to buy her!)
Some goaties are so ugly they are cute...and this just might be the case here!  LOL!
Sebastopol  goose.  I love the curly feathers!
Her Black Copper Maran rooster.

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