09 March, 2011

Getting my goats bred!

My goal is to become more self sufficient and eat more homegrown or home raised food. I am trying to get a goat herd going for milk. So far that endeavor is off to a very slow start. I have had a hard time finding a pure Nubian buck. Well, I finally found one and he is beautiful! Then we were on watch for my girls, Amber and Lily to come into heat so we could make a mad dash over to Linda's house for a 'meet and greet'. Amber has the blue collar on and Lily has the red collar. Cloud, the buck loved having the ladies over! My girls love traveling in the van too! By the second time we headed over to Linda's they were jumping right up into the van! I am estimating Lily's due date to be July 27 and Amber's to be August 6th. It is going to be a LONNNNG wait! Especially after I seen Linda's goatie babies! (pictures to come in another post...along with her pot belly pigs.)


Annie said...

Great pictures Pam, I love the way you have them shaded around the outside.

Beautiful banner picture too of your family, that one could be hanging in your living room.

harleyridinglady said...

I love you Pam, this is so beautiful what you've done!

The Redhead Riter said...

Apparently, they know a good thing. Now they will always want to visit him LOL