28 March, 2011

Nubian Boer cross...my newest goatie baby!

This is my new little baby goatie, Pinkie Pie.  We named her that because of her pink color.  She is just so ADORABLE!!!  I am trading Alaina (I did pictures of her little mini farm a few posts ago) some fertile turkey eggs for her. (We will hopefully have some turkey babies for sale so if you are interested in some let me know so I can put you on the list.)  She is a Nubian Boer mix.  We brought her home yesterday afternoon and the transition did not go well yesterday.  Our other doe, Lily, has been being mean to her...head butting and kicking her out of the goat house.  So the kids and I have been watching her very closely to try and keep her safe.  But Lily would not let her sleep in the goat house last night so we ended up bringing her into the house and letting her sleep in the bathroom last night.  I did not want to do that but I was not sure what else to do.  She is also not electric fence trained like our older two goats so she got zapped at least three times yesterday.  I almost cried when she started blatting after being zapped.
I have heard that having a Nubian Boer cross gives milk that is even richer in butterfat  as well as makes the goats have a studier framing to make them stronger.  My plan is to breed her with a full Nubian buck this December.  Then her offspring will be 3/4 Nubian.  And she is CUTE so who wouldn't want a goatie this cute!!
Lily, is my goat with the red collar.  Today seems to be going better and Lily has settled down and has left Pinkie Pie alone.  She was being rough with her this morning but this afternoon has been good.  My oldest and DH are going to build a stall into the goat house this evening after DH gets off work so that she can be out in the goat house at night but be in a separate section so Lily can not pick on her.

Lily and Amber were checking her out here.  She is just a tiny little thing compared to them.
This is Amber, my older goat.
My 6 yo DD was trying to get her to drink some water.  She is drinking water and eater her food real good.  We were not supposed to get her until Easter but Pinkie Pie and her brother were biting at their momma and had to be weaned.  Then she would not take a bottle so there was no reason for us to wait until Easter to get her.  She was born Feb 6, 2011 so she is old enough to be with out the bottle since she is eating so good.  We are still supplementing her feed with milk replacer though.

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