28 March, 2011

Sewing and quilting convention!

On Friday my mom, Aunt Rose, and friend Vicki went to the sewing and quilting convention at the Cleveland I-X Center.  My mom got some yummy Aunt Gracie's Fabric.  I amazingly only bought one thing!  I got a Fasturn Tube Turner.  It is used for turning straps and tubes of fabric right side out.  I plan on using it for the straps on DD's dresses.  I was using a pencil and that was a bit of a pain.  You can also use it to put cording on the inside of your fabric tubes.
This is me and my mom.
This is my Aunt Rose...notice her purse?  I know it is kind of hard to see but she made it herself.  
This is my great friend, Vicki!  She got some cool table runner kits to sew together.

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