03 January, 2009

This is a work in progress!

I got a mattress changing pad at Goodwill yesterday for $1.99. It has PUL fabric on it that I am using to make cloth diapers for the new baby. Cloth diapers are my new endever! The pad was in mint condition. I just paid $9.99 a yard to order PUL fabric online for cloth diapers so when I saw this I could not pass it up. I am also trying something else new...homemade sanitary napkins. I was able to fit four newborn diaper pattern pieces, 4 SN, and 2 SN liners on the mattress pad. I also got a large flannel sheet that I cut to put as filler inside the SNs. I hardly made a dent in the flannel sheet. Then I put some of the super cute flannel that I got on sale the day after Thanksgiving on top. I have the middles all sewn together but now I am waiting on DH to change the color of thread on the serger back to white because I used the gold thread today and I think white will work better on the SNs. For a $1.99 I thought this was worth a try!!

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Cassandra-ann said...

Oh i love making cloth Diapers !!!
I had been hanging out to find out if i could actually make pink one's this time ;-) I find it too hard to use them in the beginning though (or should that read too lazy lol) but i have only bought i pack of next size up disposables so i am hoping that will motivate me :-)
I saw the coolest pink camo fabric , i want to go back and get some, hopefully they will still have it ...then i will have no excuse either