03 January, 2009

More Napkins!

In my quest to become more self sufficient or 'green' (not sure which but to ulitmately save $$ in the long run) I have been making some reusable homemade items....including cloth diapers, TP, wipes for the baby, hankies, sanitary napkins, and cloth napkins. I got a HUGE flannel sheet set at Goodwill yesterday for $5.98 for the top sheet and fitted. I was able to make 54 napkins and 11 towels just out of the top sheet! I still have to figure out what I am going to do with the fitted sheet! I used the awesome serger machine that the lady from my church gave me along with the gold thread that came with the machine. So, for about $3 I have a TON of cloth napkins!!

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Mommy_3beautifulkids said...

Could you post the sizes of the towels and napikins you made. I am also trying to do the same thing. also i read somewhere else about you making good nights can you tell me more about this. i have an 8 year old daughter who we buy them for and would like another option. Also i have two toddlers who i would like to potty train do you have any suggestions for cloth pull ups for them? i would love to hear more about all your projects you have been doing to green that relate to kids & family life!!!!