03 January, 2009

New look in the living room!

DH and I had a 'lively discussion' a couple of weeks before Christmas because I wanted to get rid of half of our huge sectional couch. We never used it...well unless you count piling mountains of laundry on it!! It was to big to move around in the living room and rearrange so we have had it in the same place since we added the living room onto the house 7 years ago!! We have a tiny tv that sits on the other side of the room 18' away so sitting on the couch watching tv was not practical. DH said there was no reason to get rid of it...I wanted it OUT! We moved part of the couch to the middle of the room because I could not sit in the wooden rocking chair anymore because it made me to sore and 6 and 3 yo wanted to sit on me all the time and in the chair there just was not any room. Thus half the couch is in the middle of the living room. My second reason for wanting that half of the couch out was because I wanted to move my rubberstamping table out of the spare bedroom and put it in that corner so I could put my sewing stuff on it and clear off the dining room table because we had not seen the table in MONTHS!! DH and the kiddos got me some fabric for Christmas from JoAnn's because I wanted it for making cloth diapers...and while they were there the kids spotted a sewing table!!! So I got a new sewing table for Christmas!! When I got it Christmas morning DH came to realize that getting rid of the couch was a GREAT idea afterall!! Plus now 6 yo has a great place to set up his Geo Trax so we are not tripping on them and they can stay sat up so he is loving it too!
Here is my new sewing table...sitting where the old couch used to sit...and 6 yo's Geo Trax city!

(Can you hear the under tone in the background saying "I WON!!")


Cassandra-ann said...

Ha ha, i had to laugh at your 'i won' comment, i love your sewing table !

stuffie said...

wehavethe same thing! Only,opurs is inthe basement....lol