18 January, 2009

DD's Peppermint outfit!

I have had this outfit done for a while...since like the begining of December! I am finally getting around to posting pictures of it today. To get the skirt to stand up I put her pink tutu on her and then her pettiskirt that I made that did not turn out as full as I wanted it too....still working on trying to get that right. I got the appliques off etsy...the peppermint forest sign and 3 peppermints. The ruffle going up the skirt and around the one pant leg was one of the first things I used the serger machine for. DD has a peppermint purse to go with this...somewhere. It is actually a cloth gift bag that I found out the Hallmark store.

I got the peppermint appliques from here:


Cassandra-ann said...

That is soooo cute! you are very clever

Cindy said...

since you are laid up in med, I want the tutorial!!!!!!!!!

JenMarie said...