08 May, 2011

Mother Daughter Banquet!

Every year at my Mom and MIL's church they have a Mother Daughter Banquet.  My mom always has to work but I still get the privileged of  going with my wonderful MIL.  
Baby girl was just ornery!  Once she was done eating she was ready to get down and RUN!!  Well, let me tell you this fancy dress is slippery!  So if you are holding her and she decides to wiggle it is near impossible to keep a grip on her!  
It was a covered dish dinner and all of the food was so good!  Then 6 yo DD won a flower.  She was so excited!  The ladies in charge put an X under the candy dishes on the table and the people that had one got a beautiful red geranium.  
The entertainment for the evening was "Heaven's Ground Crew"  (They can be found on facebook.)   Their leader has a wonderful baritone voice that is just perfect for the old gospel hymns!  He sang a song called the "Rumor Mill" that I heard for the first time and it is a good one!  

The youth group did a skit called "The grocery line".  It was about witnessing to people while standing in line at the grocery store and passing out tracks.  
Then they did some dramas to music.  They are very gifted with their dowel rods that they are able to form into MANY different objects that illustrate the songs. When they were doing hand motions for their dramas Baby Girl was copying them.  I was able to get a picture of them miming for the word Strong and a picture of Baby Girl copying them.  She was so cute!  It ALMOST made up for all of the noise she made through the ENTIRE program!!  I had to take her out of the sanctuary and into a little side room.  Sigh...

Here is a beautiful stain glass window that was above the door in the little room I was in.  I believe it was designed by Rev. Gordon Densmore.  A former Pastor at the church, who was also the Pastor that married me and my DH.

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