07 May, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

 It is a tradition for us to get our mothers a flowering plant for Mother's Day.  This year I went to Pashley Gardens.  This is a picture of Christine watering her flowers.  Christine goes to my church and is a wonderful Christian lady!  She is very knowledgeable and talented!  She makes lots of quilts and does alterations and owned her own dress shop for years.

 DD loved seeing all of the plants.  Christine said she planted over 30,000 plants.  10,000 from seeds and the rest from plugs.  I learned some things from her about green houses today....like they have to be facing North to South so the plants get overhead sun all day (which seems laughable in NE Ohio because sun does not really exist here!  LOL!)  If the greenhouse faces East to West then then the plants follow the sun and makes for a lot more work for the green house owner because the plants have to be rotated.  She has two greenhouses and each is facing opposite directions...so she has first hand knowledge of this.  She also said it is important to keep the outside vegetation away from the greenhouse because it will cause mold and fungus in the greenhouse.

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