20 May, 2011

Cry Me a River!!

 UGH!  It has rained here so much that the chicken pen is nothing but mud.  Even where there was some grass left in the pen it is nothing but mud!
 Here are our two new ducks Alaina gave us.  I think they are probably the only ones that like all of this rain.
This is the water flowing on the back side of my chicken pen!  Sigh...   Hopefully the sun comes out SOON and this rain lets up some!

This is part of my garden!
This is the water hole in my garden!  So it does not look like we are getting in there anytime soon!

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Christy said...

Oh Pam that looks so soggy! A friend sent me a picture of a muskrat swimming through her goat pen a few days ago. Heavy rains can be so hard on a farm.