29 August, 2010


In honor of 5 yo DD starting school this year I made her this back to school just with Crayon fabric. I use a Daisy Kingdom pattern that I found at Walmart yesterday. The lady said the pattern had just came in. My mom and a couple friends have been getting on me about using a different pattern...so I did. I like this dress but I do miss the full twirly skirt and all the ruffles, so I am not sure if I will be doing this one again or not....I am needing some positive feedback on this one. I think the skirt could have been just a little shorter. I am going to put her knee high black boots and a pair of white tights with this for winter...I think.This top picture is one of her just goofing off. It is hard to get the pictures put in a particular order on the blogger post.

DD wanted a few pictures of her fooling around! Thankfully she is such a trooper about getting her picture taken. Of course I took all of these pictures in less than 5 minutes.

I put 5 crayon buttons on the blue trim of the bottom of the dress. I also put a blue crayon button on the bow on the dress.
DD trying to show the buttons.

The back of the dress.


stuffie said...

very cute pam!!!! Love the fabric choice!

Steph T said...

She's so cute...what a great smile!!

Cassandra-ann said...

Such a cute dress and your dd is gorgeous!

Laura said...

Beautiful little girl, and pretty dress! Thanks for your comment on my blog! We are not in Ohio...we're in Georgia. I have some family in Kansas that go to a pumpkin farm very similar to the one we have here, so it seems that they're everywhere!

I would love to see the back of your daughter's hair. It looks so pretty from the front, and I'm wondering what you do with it in the back. I need some new hair ideas for my little girls. :)

dawn said...


katlupe said...

Your daughter is adorable! I am your newest follower coming from Homesteading Today.