19 August, 2010

Kids really do grow like weeds around here!

This is 8 yo DS hanging from a rope in the tree. It looks like he is standing on something but he isn't, that is a pile of wood pieces that are a few feet in front of him. This is his normal attire! It is near impossible to keep clothes on this child!14 yo DS had to help him down because he did not want to just drop because he thought it was to far.
Baby girl helping to build the new clothes line!
Her new car!

We dug the post holes for the new clothes line and 5 and 8 yo figured out they could fit into the holes! Baby girl wanted to get in the holes and kept clobbering 5 yo DD!
Look what is sprouting out of the ground here!
Growing like a weed! Literally! LOL!

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Cassandra-ann said...

Haha cute pics! look how big our baby girls are getting!