19 August, 2010


11 and 13 yo's birthdays are only 8 days apart. For the first time we let them have two friends over and they had a sleepover out in the tent. They were thrilled. We usually do family only parties.The boys playing video games.

Baby girl getting to enjoy the cake!
My Dad.
Oldest DS.
He is now 11 years old!!

He is now 13 years old! I officially have two teenagers! But we like to refer to them as young adults in training!

The best part...a water balloon fight! Again someone please explain why it take FOREVER to fill them up and only a few minutes to bust them all??
The firing line for this team!

The firing line for this team!
The baby loves the water balloons too!

The bigger balloons (I think the are 7") are much easier to fill up than the regular water balloons! Plus they don't break as easily if you only put a little bit of water in them! And you can fill them up 'til they are huge and then really get someone wet when you break it over their heads!

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