19 August, 2010


DH and I took the kids canoeing!
He was freaking 14 yo DS out because he thought they were going to tip over!
Sigh!! What to do with this child????
A rare picture of me! 11 yo and I were on a canoe together.
13 yo, 5 yo, and DH on another canoe.

8 and 14 yo had the third canoe. The guy at the livery let us put 14 yo on a canoe with 8 yo but would not let us put 11 and 13 yo together on a canoe. I think they thought 14 yo was older than he really is! And I was not saying anything because then we could not have fit everyone onto a canoe comfortably.


Cassandra-ann said...

Canoeing is much fun. We sold ours a while ago now butseeing your pics reminded me of the fun we used to have

dawn said...

I know this from experience... put the kid dipping his head in the water in a kayak and set him free!