19 August, 2010

County Fair!

This is 8 yo getting some help to do chin ups from a Marine Recruiter.
This guy was amazing!! He helped DD and DS do like 20 chin ups each and then got on and did his own chin ups!! He said he had been doing it pretty much all day! He had a hard time pulling out his last couple but he did it!!

RIDES!! The best thing about our local fair is the rides are included with the price or your ticket! So my kids get to ride as many rides as they want and it not break our wallet! It was so hot that day we could have just melted and the rides were in full sun of course and it was like 2 pm so we only rode for like an hour and then moved on to the inside buildings.
We all took turns taking baby girl down the slide! She loved it!

I had to take a picture of this homemade wagon! The cooler is on a trailer that is on a hitch on the back of the monster truck and the kid rides in the truck like he is driving it and then there is a handle attached to the front axle. It looked like it was a bear to pull around and park but it was super cool so I am sure it was worth the hassle! LOL!

The girls fell asleep on the way to the Fair. We stayed until the fireworks were over. We had a great time watching the Demolition Derby too!

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